Star Circlips

Infrastructural Facility

STAR CIRCLIPS has excellent Manufacturing Facilities, which includes 2 manufacturing plants, three of its sister concerns developed as Subcontractor for semi-finished parts & one dedicated ancillary developed for Electroplating.

Quality Assuarance

  • Profile projector
  • Salt spray tester
  • 2000 kg load tester
  • 10000 kg double shear load tester
  • Rockwell / rockwell superficial (n-scale) / vickers hardness testers and
  • Microscope with image analyzer, apart from other latest testing facilities for accurate results

Press Shop

Power Presses (ranging from 3 to 150 tons), High Speed Presses like Seyi, Multislide Blanking and Forming Machines - used for specialized multiform jobs. Surface and Duplex Grinders - used for grinding jobs.

Heat Treatment & Surface Treatment

Most modernized Heat treatment with Austempering Furnaces for consistent hardness, impact strength and spring action. Various surface coating facilities like, Phosphating – Automatic, Plc Operated,Blackening, Electroplating (Subcontracted from dedicated ancillary).

Tool Room

Well equipped Tool Room with state of art facilities for tool design (with CAD technology), development & manufacturing. Like

  • CYLINDRICAL GRINDER used for tooling apart from other tool room machinery.

Star has a team of highly qualified tool engineers and it’s equipped state of the art machinery. Star can develop any spring steel / mild steel component as per the customer’s requirement.

Awards & Certifications

Over the years the company has received numerous quality awards from renowned OEM’s.

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  • Circlips
  • Disk Springs
  • dowel And Spiral Pins
  • Multiformed Parts
  • Shims,Spacers And Washers
  • Snap And Retaing Rings
  • Special Components